Thriving in Uncertainty: How Flexibility is Key to Driving Business Success in 2024 -- drupa - 2028 - Messe Düsseldorf

Thriving in Uncertainty: How Flexibility is Key to Driving Business Success in 2024

By Dario Urbinati, CEO, Gallus Group

In today's fast-paced world, technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and the print industry is no exception. To thrive in this dynamic environment, companies must not only adapt to the shifting landscape, but also equip and position themselves to flourish amid this constant change.

You only have to look back at the past few years – each characterized by global geopolitical disturbances or events of some sort, that have seen shockwaves echo throughout business worldwide – to see that the wider market is also shifting and evolving alongside, affecting everything from supply chains to employment. Indeed, as we continue to accustom ourselves to working against a backdrop of these various challenges and evolutions, it appears that change may well be the only constant we can truly depend on as we look ahead.

So, for those of us having to traverse the turbulent waters of the labels and packaging market, how do we begin to navigate this unpredictable landscape and ensure that our businesses – and indeed our industry – is not just surviving, but truly thriving long-term?

New possibilities through digital transformation

As ever, the rapid technological innovation that we are seeing around us day-to-day may in fact hold some of the answers. The advent of digital printing and AI solutions has revolutionized the market, offering a plethora of new printing options and opening up new possibilities. However, it’s crucial to recognize that there is no universal solution. Each print business/label converter is unique, necessitating a tailored approach to printing and packaging.

The future of printing is undoubtedly digital. Yet, the high upfront cost of digital presses remains a barrier for many companies. At Gallus, we’re committed to democratizing access to digital printing and eradicating the TCO (total cost of ownership) barrier – putting this at the core of everything from the new technologies we are bringing through our R&D pipeline, to our very approach as a business. Whether label businesses are seeking entirely new print systems, trying to find ways of making their existing systems more profitable, or even looking to bring in digital modules to make their systems future-ready, we are committed to making this possible.

Flexibility is key to facing flux

This is where smart, connected printing plays a pivotal role. Automated hybrid and digital solutions, designed specifically to grow with your business, not only enhance productivity, reduce costs and minimize the need for human intervention, but importantly, provide a level of flexibility that will no doubt prove critical looking ahead. When considering the increased turnover and expanded capabilities, the return on investment (ROI) is substantial, and this could prove to be the differentiator between whether businesses are able to sink or swim into the future.

Flexibility has transitioned from a luxury to an essential component for success in the printing industry. In order to navigate market challenges effectively, and beyond that, to build a flourishing, profitable future for our industry, smart, connected print solutions that are both future-ready and equip businesses to evolve, adapt and pivot in response to market flux undoubtedly need to be core pillars in this vision.

Building agility from the ground up

In short, as our market and business needs are shifting and transforming, our solutions need to do the same – and so building flexibility and modularity into our system platforms needs to be a design imperative looking ahead.

Whilst we may never be able to predict future trends, being able to bring new capabilities into your business operations and respond to new customer demands just by adding, adjusting or removing machine modules is the only way in which we can really safeguard against volatility and ensure we’re well equipped for whatever comes next.

Join me at drupa 2024, where I will present at the drupa cube on 5 June at 10.45am – further exploring how by embracing flexibility, advanced printing technologies, and the right businesses strategies, you can not only keep your business at the forefront of the printing industry, but can help ensure that the industry’s future is a bright and promising one indeed.

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