How Leary Contributes to Plant’s Sustainability -- drupa - May 28 to June 7, 2024 - Messe Düsseldorf


W. H. Leary Co. Inc.

How Leary Contributes to Plant’s Sustainability

W. H. Leary teams up with leading paperboard packaging innovators to bring sustainable options to many impactful corners of the marketplace.

Project Scope: Recyclable Mailer

Amazon, the largest online e-commerce retailer, continues to revolutionize the industry with the production of their completely-recyclable paper mailers. This sustainable packaging material replaces the previous hard-to-recycle bubble pack mailers (paper laminated in plastic bubbles). The new design needed to be 100% recyclable, give flexibility for easy packing while providing protection for the items within. The final package design cushions expandable adhesive between layers of recyclable paper which protects the contents inside – and remains recyclable. Read Leary’s solution to this project.

Project Scope: Recyclable Beverage Can Packaging
Graphic Packaging Incorporated has launched their new KeelClip™ beverage can wrap. This is the latest innovation in paperboard packaging to replace single-use plastic for beverage can carriers. The paper fastener replaces plastic ring tops and shrink wraps while keeping the top of the product completely covered and increasing branding area. Read Leary’s solution to this project.

Leary is honored to be a part of these projects, using our technologies to participate in these new innovations that solidify the need for continued paperboard packaging innovations. We look forward to seeing how these solutions positively impact the environment.

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